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New To Our Shelves

Acai Exotic

Born out of Brooklyn, Acai Exotic created these super convenient and delicious acai bowls!

Green Llama Cleaning Products

These non-toxic cleaning products are seriously clean and seriously green.

Konscious Plant-Based Sushi

A celebration of food made from plants with first-of-its-kind frozen sushi, poke bowls and onigiri, easily available in the freezer aisle.

Maine Crisps

Made with buckwheat, love, and care. Made to enjoy and to share!

Ocean's Balance Seaweed

Not only does seaweed keep our bodies healthy, it also helps keep our precious oceans clean simply by growing. This brand does it all!

PopZup Popcorn

PopZup Popcorn is a family-owned craft popcorn company with a mission to create a healthy snack that's better for consumers and the environment.

Pretty Frank Deodorant

Organic food grade ingredients and essential oils you can actually pronounce.

Queen of The Thrones Organic Castor Oil

We know you're looking for that organic castor oil in a glass bottle and we've got it!

Soil Organic Aromatherapy

We've been loving the Humble deodorant, we had to try the CBD Comfort Bar!

Sukin Face Care

Sukin offers a complete natural face care range to bring out the best in your skin’s radiance.

TeaTimes Tx

We've carried their cones for a while and now we've expanded to sticks!

Upstate Elevator CBD Topicals and Supplements

We've expanded our Upstate Elevator offerings!

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